New season. New garden.

IMG_0723Damn. Gotta get on it. Happens every year. I always prevaricate when it comes to planning my garden. And, I’ve got some new beds this year on top of it.

It’s warm, things are growing! Gotta get on it!

SnarkyBot is coming!

I’ve been thinking about an app I wanted to create for awhile now called SnarkyBot. It’s just a little app that generates snarky comments for you. The kind you wish you’d thought of just the other day. ┬áIn that situation. You know what I mean?

SnarkyBot is not about being nasty. SnarkyBot wants to help you explore the richness of the English language with just a little more erudition and class than you’re usually able to come up with.

Good news, I think I’ve got a workable plan for SnarkyBot!


Baja images are dimming

lapazsunsetIt’s happening again. Every time I take a trip somewhere, I try to look. Really look. Then I get home and altogether too soon the images in my head start to fade away. I suppose that’s why so many of us take photos.

This last trip to Baja was a very visual one. I’ve been dreaming about what I saw and loved, but they are starting to dim.